Welcome to the Podcasts link page. This is a page that has direct links to all the podcasts which I am involved with.

First up is the IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW - Where I take 15-20 minutes semi-daily to talk about whats going on and what is on my mind. Serious, funny, news worthy, it doesn't matter. Brew up a batch of coffee and start your day off with me in your ear!

Next is our feature: The IDIOTHEAD.COM PODCAST - This is my official podcast where you can listen to me chat with friends, get inside info on things to come, interviews, plugs and more. Want to know what is new (and old) in Adam's world? This is where you find out!

STUDIO CHATTER - It is a run off show for When we are finished with other proper podcasts, we need a place to go and hang out. This is the place. Shows are very sporatic but rest assured when its on, its all gold!

DRUNKEN DVD COMMENTARIES - A podcast where you sync up a dvd to this audio track and get drunk while watching it. Stars Adam Talley, his hot wife, and sometimes a special guest or several. Alcohol is a must for this one!